Pat McGrath Labs Matte Trance Lipsticks Review

I have been lusting after Pat McGrath products for so long and decided to treat myself to a couple of lipsticks recently, seen as I clearly don’t have enough lipsticks already!

I ordered the shades Modern Woman and Femmebot, they are both absolutely stunning shades, the formula is matte but not drying at all but it does transfer while eating/drinking. I have been preferring this kind of formula recently as my lips have been quite dry I’m finding liquid lipsticks are far too drying right now.

2018-04-29 17.02.03

Before I go into the shades themselves I need to just take a minute to appreciate the packaging! It is so unique and artistic. The boxes all shades come in are stunning! The lipstick themselves are in glossy black holders with gold inside and on the top and bottom, lets not forget about the gold lips where the lid opens! This is truly stunning and something I haven’t seen before.

The first shade Modern Woman is a stunning cool toned muted pink/lilac shade. It goes on super creamy and I personally love shades like this with heavier eye makeup.

The second shade Femmebot is my favourite of the two as it is my kind of everyday shade, a stunning rosy your lips but better shade. The reason I love these shades so much is because I find them very versatile on myself, I could wear them everyday with minimal makeup or they also look great with heavier makeup and a smokey eye.

2018-04-29 17.03.11

Left Modern Woman Right Femmebot


The Pat McGrath range is definitely on the pricey side but from what I have purchased so far it is definitely worth the price tag.

The Pat McGrath range is available at Sephora and retails for $38 and £30.


Becca Light Chaser Highlighter – Opal Flashes Jade Review

This was another Sephora purchase that I spotted in the sale section, I have been absolutely loving highlighters recently and have started stepping out of my comfort zone with the shades.

2018-04-29 17.09.18

I have been loving Becca highlighters recently, they are so creamy and super pigmented. It is no surprise that this shade is no different.

This highlighter is so unusual and makes me feel like a mermaid! From certain angles this highlight has teal/jade reflects that look absolutely stunning! This shade is great on the cheekbones if you are going for something a bit different and I also love using this as an eye shadow or over another shadow to add some more dimension.

2018-04-29 17.10.12

On the Sephora website there is a variety of different shades for this Light Chaser highlight (Jade, Gilt, Seashell, Geode and Gold) and retails for $34 I did get it in the sale for $17 but not sure what it will be when this post goes up.

Kylie Cosmetics Ultra Glow

As you can all probably tell I am loving trying out new highlighters recently. I decided to try out the Kylie Ultra Glows. I have some mixed thoughts on these…

I ordered the shades Thati a rose gold shade and Wisteria a lavender. I did originally want to order Thati and Santorini but Satorini was out of stock so I ordered Wisteria instead.


Thati is absolutely stunning, a smooth rose gold shade that is very versatile. It could be used for a beautiful daily subtle highlight or can easily be built up to a more blinding highlight. This is another shade that also really compliments the Cover FX Rose Gold Enhancing Drops for a super intense highlight. Thati is a stunning rose shade with golden reflects.

Wisteria is the one I wasn’t impressed with to begin with. I expected this to be very similar to Becca Prismatic Amethyst or Jeffree Star Neffree while is has the same sort of shade it is more of a glitter highlight than a smooth sheen. When I was first swatching this it felt quite gritty but it doesn’t feel too gritty on the skin. It does look nice on the skin but its more of a glittery finish than what I usually go for. It would be perfect for nights out/ festivals or even over a nice purple shadow to add something extra but personally it is too glittery for everyday use.

2018-04-16 14.38.16

Overall I am really impressed with these Ultra Glows from Kylie and would highly recommend them, there is shades for everyone depending on what kind of finish you prefer.

These are available from and are $14. Again I am stressing Kylie products are only available from Kylie’s website, please do not risk ordering them from anywhere else. I know it is tempting for us in the UK due to shipping times and customs charges but trust me it is worth the wait knowing you are getting the real deal.

Tatcha Bestseller Skincare Set

So I have been really wanting to try out the Tatcha range for so long, I recently placed an order from Sephora and thought it would be the perfect time to order some Tatcha items.

I ordered the bestseller kit and a full size of the luminous dewy skin mist as I was pretty sure I would love it.

The kit comes with Pure One Step Cameilla Cleansing Oil (25ml), Polished Classic Rice Enzyme Powder (10g), The Water Cream (10ml) and Luminous Dewy Skin Mist (12ml) it is perfect for if you want to try a few items out and would also be great for travelling.

2018-04-29 16.58.41

The first time I used the Cameilla Cleansing Oil I was shook! This Cleansing Oil makes my skin feel super clean without feeling dry or leaving behind an oily residue like a lot of oil based cleansers I had tried. With other oil based cleansers they have made my skin feel like it has a thick oily residue yet dry at the same time (I hope you know what I mean!), the majority I had tried also made my skin break out but I have been using this for over a week and so far no breakouts. You would use this product by pumping out 3-5 drops depending on how much you need, I then warm it up between my hands and massage into my skin and it literally melts away all of your makeup, I like to give myself a little facial massage while using this. I then use a muslin cloth to wipe it off, it does recommend rinsing but I prefer using a cloth personally.

As luxurious as this cleanser is though it’s not something I could afford to add to my daily skincare routine as it is quite expensive compared to my re-usable microfiber cloth. I would re-purchase occasionally as  a treat and now that I have tested it enough to check it doesn’t cause any breakouts I will keep the rest to use when my skin is feeling like it needs some TLC.

Next up we have the magic Polished Classic Rice Enzyme Powder, now I have been panicking about how I would describe these products to you because the way the textures change and your skin feels is something you really have to try to understand! Imagine trying to tell someone what chocolate ice cream tastes and feels like when they have never tasted chocolate or ice cream so you will need to bear with me! Tatcha recommend using half a teaspoon but I find I can cover my whole face with less. You should have wet hands and a clean but wet face and tip the powder into your hands, when you rub your hands together the powder turns into a creamy foamy exfoliator  that is super gentle on the skin, you should rub it into your skin for about 10-20 seconds and rinse off, you will be left with super soft skin that doesn’t feel dry or tight. This product is easily one of the best exfoliators I have used as you can tell it works and exfoliates your skin but it doesn’t feel to harsh on the skin.

2018-04-29 16.57.34

Now we have The Water Cream, I genuinely think this product is magic! When you first open the tub and take out some of the cream it feels like it is going to be a super thick luxurious cream but when your rub it into your skin it transforms into a super lightweight moisturiser that feels more like a gel consistency that doesn’t take any longer than 1-2 minutes to soak in with no residue. Although this is super lightweight your skin is left feeling moisturised and I feel like it has a cooling effect on my skin when I apply this.

Last up in the set is the ever famous Luminous Dewy Skin Mist, this is meant to be one of KKW’s favourites among a lot of makeup artists and beauty influencers… also quickly became one of mine! This skin mist leaves your skin looking gorgeous and glowy without being greasy or shiny, this can also be applied before or after makeup or could be spritzed onto your beauty blender (or equivalent) before applying foundation, you could go with all three if you want to be super glowy! I love this although I do apply this sparingly as it is quite pricy I don’t want to spray it the same as I would other setting sprays and go through it so quickly! I will also start only using this for special occasions and not everyday now I have fully tested this.

The bestseller kit retails for $60 and is great if you are looking to try out some new skincare.


Kylie Cosmetics Velvet Lipsticks

I recently ordered some products from Kylie Cosmetics and I really wanted to try the velvet lipsticks. As much as I love matte liquid lipsticks I do find they really dry out my lips.

2018-04-16 14.32.58

The velvet formula from Kylie is quickly becoming one of my favourite liquid lipstick formulas. They still last long on the lips, not quite as long as matte lipsticks but they still feel so comfortable on the lips compared to matte ones which become dry after a few hours.

I ordered Posie K and Goals I also meant to order Boy Bye but my basket was getting a little out of control!

Posie K is a stunning pink cool toned nude shade that is perfect for everyday wear or also really compliments a smokey eye.

Goals is a stunning deep pink almost red shade, it was a lot darker than I expected so is quite similar to an ABH liquid lipstick I already have but that one has a matte finish compared to this.

2018-04-16 14.34.01

I am more likely to use these lipsticks for everyday wear or if I know I will be wearing makeup for a long period of time as my lips tend to dry out after wearing matte liquid lipsticks. I will probably wear matte lipsticks when I know I am only wearing makeup for a few hours.

The velvet formula does set a little after applying but still transfers with eating/drinking. Once the main layer has disappeared it does leave quite a strong stain behind so it does not need topped up as often as I expected.

Kylie products are available ONLY from the KylieCosmetics website. Please do not risk buying this from any other retailers as they could be fake, I have a previous post about the risks of fake makeup if you want to check that out also.

Huda Beauty #FauxFilter Foundation Review

So I gave in to the hype and ordered this foundation. I am usually disappointed by ‘cult’ products but this foundation has impressed me so much.

This foundation delivers a full coverage demi-matte finish. The packaging is sleek and luxurious looking while still being lightweight. This foundation also contains 35ml of product compared to the usual 30ml foundations usually have.


I ordered the shade 230N Macaroon which is almost a perfect match, it is a tiny bit too light but by the time I powder and use bronzer it is not noticeable.

This foundation delivers a slightly higher coverage than the No7 Beautifully Matte but it feels heavier on the skin. This foundation is something I will probably keep for going out, meals etc as it is a little too heavy for me wearing everyday.

This has brilliant staying power. I wore this to a wedding last month and had my makeup on for about 17/18 hours and I only had to top up my powder once and my foundation would not budge.

#FauxFilter Foundation is available from CultBeauty in the UK and is £32.

Huda Beauty Mauve Obsessions Eye Palette Review

I have been wanting to try Huda Beauty shadows for so long but with the larger palettes being £56 it’s not a purchase I could justify. They recently came out with mini palettes containing 9 shadows all with different colour themes.

2018-04-15 21.01.17

I chose the mauve obsessions palette as these have been my go to colours recently. The palettes contain a good balance of matte and shimmer shades this palette has three shimmer and 6 matte shades. The palette also has a great variety of shades so a lot of different looks could be created from one palette.


This palette was smaller than I expected but the shadow sizes are still great. I was most impressed with the shimmer shades as they apply so easily, blend well and have great pigment. The matte shades are also great and easily to blend. With the shades in this palette is does make it easier to judge the quality from the brand as dark red/purple matte shades are notoriously hard to make without being patchy and hard to blend.

2018-04-15 21.01.11

I also love the matte ivory shade in the bottom row as it is great for highlighting the brow bone if you don’t want something too intense.

I will definitely be trying more Huda Beauty shadows soon.

This is available from CultBeauty along with other shade options for £25