Bare Minerals Ready Blusher.

SAM_0676 SAM_0679 SAM_0683 SAM_0684

I ordered this blusher online after my recent trip to a bare minerals store. This blusher is what the lady at the shop used on me and its lovely! The blusher is pressed and is a peachy coral colour with a slight shimmer that gives a lovely glow to the cheeks. The blusher is in the colour The Aphrodisiac. The blusher comes with a small blusher brush the brush would be okay on smaller cheeks but I personally prefer to use my Real Techniques Multi Task Brush as it is easier to cover larger areas of the face. This blusher has a sheer coverage to begin with but can be easily built up to give a stronger colour. This blusher also doesn’t oxidize throughout the day and still looks the same by the end of the day as if it’s just been applied. This blush looks very natural on if after being built up and doesn’t look powdery on the skin.

Overall this blusher looks great on the skin and retails in the UK at about £22 prices and more information at,default,pd.html


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