Mac Pro Eye shadow Palette

SAM_0653 SAM_0654 SAM_0655 SAM_0663 SAM_0664I have only started using mac eye shadows over the last six months but I should have started using them sooner, the ones I have bought I love and are a key step in my everyday make-up. I recently ordered the Large Pro Palette that holds 15 eye shadows as the one I had previously only held four and was quickly overflowing. I haven’t filled the palette yet as I wanted to fully try out the new ones I got recently first.

Here is a list of the ones I have in my palette now and my thoughts. Pictures and swatches are in the same order as below.

Blanc Type.

This eye shadow is great for someone who is not used to wearing a lot of eye shadow if they have a pale complexion as it will show up as pale creamy beige on the eyes. The eye shadow has a matte finish and almost creamy texture, many eye shadows that are this off white colour don’t tend to have high pigmentation but this one shows up very well on the skin. This would also look very nice on a darker complexion as I would come across brighter and would be a lovely statement eye shadow.

I also find that this eye shadow lasts very well on its own without a primer although I do prefer to use Painterly Paint Pot from Mac before I use any eye shadows as I find that by the end of the day they still look freshly applied.

Overall this eye shadow is great for a natural or a statement eye shadow look and it is also great for a inner corner highlight with a smoky eye look.

Naked Lunch.

This eye shadow has a frost finish and gives an almost shiny look to the eyes, it has a champagne like colour. This eye shadow is great for mornings when you are not very awake as it brightens the eyes and makes them look brighter.

This eye shadow looks great with a black liner with a small flick or with Wedge and Charcoal Brown through the crease. Also as a highlighter in the inner corner or brow bone looks lovely as well.

Overall this eye shadow stays on well and has a lovely texture.

All That Glitters.

All that glitters has a lovely pearl like finish and is a beige colour with a gold shimmer.

This colour is gorgeous on its own or with a black liner in the waterline Wedge in the crease and Naked Lunch as an inner corner highlight or with Sketch in the outer corner as I feel the colour stand out together and complement each other.


Wedge is quickly becoming one of my favourite eye shadows from Mac as it is great for an everyday crease colour. Wedge is a matte eye shadow with a soft taupe colour.

This colour goes well with all the other colours in this palette. I usually wear this throughout the crease and Charcoal Brown through the outer part of the crease.


Sable is a dark golden colour with bronze pearl and has a frost finish.

Sable was my second eye shadow from Mac and was recommended to me by one of my teachers at school, as she thought it would suit my green eyes and it does! This is still one of my favourite eye shadows as it looks great on its own as a wash of colour or with Wedge through the crease. This eye shadow also looks great with Handwritten in the outer corner to create a more smoky effect.

I would recommend this eye shadow to anyone especially for green eyes as they make them stand out, even my mum loves it!


Mulch is a red based brown with bronze pearl the eye shadow has a velvet like finish and has a very high pigmentation.

When I use this eye shadow I feel I have to use some black liner whether in the waterline or as a winged liner or my eyes can look almost washed out and very tired. Also using something like Naked Lunch or Blanc Type as an inner corner highlight helps to brighten the eyes when wearing this eye shadow or a pale nude eye pencil in the bottom waterline. I also use Wedge to help blend out the crease area.

Charcoal Brown.

Charcoal Brown is a matte taupe brown colour and is great to use through the crease or through the eyebrows.

I usually use this eye shadow through the outer corner of the crease to help blend out the eye shadow underneath and add definition to the eyes. This eye shadow has a lovely texture when on the eyes and lasts very well through the crease. This eye shadow is great as an everyday crease colour.


Handwritten is a matte chocolate brown colour and is great for if you want to change your eye shadow from a day to night look.

I originally got this eye shadow to go in the outer crease when wearing Sable eye shadow to darken up the look a bit and add more definition to the eyes.  This eye shadow is great to add some extra definition to any eye look and is great for a smoky eye.


Brun is natural matte brown almost black eye shadow and is great for everyday use.

Brun was the first ever eye shadow I bought from mac and I still use it everyday. I had been on the hunt for the perfect eye shadow to use in my eyebrows as my eyebrows have very little red undertone to them so every other eye shadow/ pencil I had bought for this purpose was far too red based. This eye shadow does seem very dark to use in eyebrows but if used sparingly as its very highly pigmented and tap the excess off of the brush (I use Mac 204 to brush through the brows and Mac 266 to apply the product) this can look lovely on the eyebrows if applied properly.

I also like to use this on an angled brush when I don’t want to use a black liner and just run over the lash base to make the eyelashes look thicker.


Sketch eye shadow is one of my more recent favourites but is very flattering on the eyes as the eye shadow is a deep burgundy colour with a slight shimmer.

Sketch looks great with something like Naked Lunch or All That Glitters on the lid even just using Painterly Paint Pot underneath, I like to use Wedge and Charcoal Brown through the crease before applying Sketch to the outer corner as I find it blends easier with Wedge and Charcoal Brown underneath.

Sketch is highly pigmented but can also be blended out to a much lighter finish or can be built up to a darker finish in the outer corner.

Overall these eye shadows all go on very easily, don’t settle into the creases in the eyes are highly pigmented and last all day long if used with Painterly Paint Pot.

The empty large pro palette retails at £14 the eye shadow insert retails at £6.50 and the eye shadow refill pans retail at £10 each. All prices found at


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