Mac Riri Woo Lipstick and Cherry Lip Pencil.

20140716_195813 20140716_195851   20140716_195943

This has to be one of my favourite red lipsticks ever! When this lipstick first came out I missed my chance to get it but when the summer collection came out I was very excited to finally buy this lipstick and I have already purchased a back up of this product. In my opinion it is a great red lipstick as the slight blue undertone makes teeth appear whiter and the retro-matte finish can make it last all day.

20140716_200008 20140716_200030

There are so many different ways to wear Riri Woo, it can be worn as a full on red lipstick with Cherry lip pencil for eye catching make-up or dabbing this lipstick over the lips can make a lovely slightly red stain which is my favourite way to wear this.


The retro-matte finish adds a prolonging affect to the lipstick although I would highly recommend fully preparing the lips before use as the lipstick can become drying and highlight any flaky skin on the lips throughout the day. I would recommend using some form of lip scrub you could mix some sugar with water into a paste and rub onto lips if you don’t want to buy one from Lush or anywhere else. After this I would recommend using something like a chapstick if your lips aren’t very dry or something like Elizabeth Arden eight hour cream to keep the lips hydrated all day long, also Mac Prep and Prime Lip would also help the lipstick stay on for longer.

This lipstick does not pull on the lips or drag although some matte lipsticks can. Also this lipstick can be used in a variety of different ways. Cherry lip pencil is a great pencil to use with this lipstick as the colours are very similar and go well together. The lip pencil also lasts a long time and isn’t drying to the lips and is such a great product and could go with many red lipsticks.

Riri Woo will be available again in the UK on the 12th of December as part of the Christmas collection if you can get your hands on it fast! The lipstick will retail at £16.50 and the lip pencil retails at £12 Prep and Prime Lip retails at £12.50 for more information go to also the lip scrub from lush retails at £5.50 also chapsticks retail at about £1 and are available at most Boots and Superdrugs or even Asda and Tesco. Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream retails at £25 more information at




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