Benefit POREfessional.

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I use this product everyday for probably just over a year now and its fantastic! I apply it after moisturiser but before foundation in my T-Zone area. This primer has a oil-free formula which helps to reduce oil build up throughout the day, this can also be applied after make-up for touch-ups throughout the day but I find when I use this in the morning I don’t need to touch-up during the day.

Although this product may be a bit on the pricey side to me it is well worth it even just for the packaging! There is something about using this product or most benefit product that because of the cool and quirky retro packaging is a nice pick me up in the morning (especially Mondays!).

I find this product works best tapped onto the skin rather than dragged across the skin, I find that when it is tapped onto the skin it works a lot better at covering pores. Although 22ml may not seem like a lot a little does go a long way and because this is in a squezzy tube you can get every last drop of it out other than some which are in bottles with a pump which seems to make it harder to get to the bottom of the product.

I find after applying it makes my skin look airbrushed and flawless and this product is also very lightweight and leaves the skin feeling very smooth after application.

This product is available here:  and retails at £24.50.


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