Real Techniques Bold Metals


I have loved Real Techniques brushes since they first launched in the UK and I have been a huge fan of Sam and Nics YouTube channel since about 2010 and I have learned so much from watching their videos and I am a huge fan of their work! The original line is lovely the brushes are super soft and last a long time if treated properly and they are friendly to my bank balance! Recently Real Techniques have brought out a new brush line called Bold Metals, it is currently exclusive to Boots in the UK and Ulta in America.

I purchased these brushes just over a month ago but I wanted to wait a while before posting this so I could give you all my full thoughts, overall these brushes are brilliant! They are more expensive than the original Real Techniques brushes but there are plenty of reasons for that, firstly the brushes are made with the highest quality of synthetic fibers and they are so soft! Also these brushes have tapered weighted handles designed for professional artists this makes the brushes much more comfortable to hold. The brushes have a diamond shaped handle so when you rest them down they won’t roll away, the brushes are also shipped from America adding shipping costs and VAT costs as Real Techniques is a American company so they will be slightly cheaper in America.

These brushes are premium quality brushes although they are available in drugstores this is to make the brushes more widely available to everyone rather than being in selected department stores which would make it harder for people to get a hold of them. For more information on why the brushes are slightly more expensive please check out Sam and Nics video here as this is where I got all of my information from


There is one brush from the line I didn’t purchase and that is the Triangle Foundation Brush because I personally find it hard to use traditional foundation brushes I am much more of a Buffing Brush/Expert Face Brush girl. All of the brushes have white hairs so that it is easy to see how dirty the brush is, to clean these brushes I give them a deep clean once a week with Dove conditioning body wash as I find this removes all stains without damaging the brushes and between washes I use Mac brush cleanser. The only slightly bad thing with the brushes is because of the metal finish they can get covered in fingerprints but it honestly doesn’t bother me at all.

If you purchase the brushes it appears that they are glued into the packaging but there is a clear protective cover over the brush handle so there won’t be glue stuck to the brush. I had a bit of a panic when I opened my brushes as I thought I would never get the glue off!

100 Arched Powder Brush.


This brush has a gold handle to show it is part of the ‘Base’ collection. This brush is perfect for applying powder in the T-Zone and because it is tapered slightly at the top it fits in perfectly around the nose and under the eyes. This brush is also great for apply bronzer on the high points of the face for a golden glow. This could also be used to apply a light contour if you don’t like a strong sculpted look so this brush is a great all rounder and because the brush is synthetic it can be used with cream powder or liquid products (This is the same with all the brushes in the Real Techniques line.) This brush retails at £25 in Boots and $25.99 in Ulta.

300 Tapered Blush Brush.


This is the first brush with a rose gold colour which is part of the ‘Finishing’ collection and the rose gold goes through part of the bristles. This brush is much smaller than the Blush Brush from the original line which is perfect if you have small cheeks or just want to have a more precise blush application. I like to use the flat side of the brush to apply my blush and blend it out with the tip of the brush and I also love to apply my highlighter with the tip of the brush as it is perfect and the tapered bristles around the tip blend out the product seamlessly. This brush retails at £24 in Boots and $23.99 in Ulta.

301 Contour Brush.


Now I can’t lie I hated this brush to begin with, the bristles are very densely packed and I found it extremely hard to blend out my contour as I was so used to the original contour brush which has more flexible bristles making it easier to blend out product. After a long time trying and being determined to at least like this brush I have found a way to make it work and I now love it! I apply my Charlotte Tilbury Sculpt shade from Filmstar Bronze and Glow, I find the best way to use this brush is to apply a little at time and blend blend blend! I apply this going from the top of my ear towards my lip but stopping before the outer corner of my eye and always blend upwards because if you blend down it defeats the purpose of contouring. I apply a little at a time and layer until I reach my desired strength. This brush retails at £22 in Boots and $25.99 in Ulta.

 200 Oval Shadow Brush.


This brush is perfect for a wash of colour over the eyelids or could be used to apply pigment to the eyelids. The brush can be dampened with water or Mac Fix+ to intensify the colour of your eyeshadow and will reduce fallout with pigments. Also because this brush has a tapered edge which makes it brilliant for blending out shadows. This brush retails for £15 in Boots and $15.99 in Ulta.

201 Pointed Crease Brush.


This brush is brilliant for apply colour to the crease as it bends it out so easily with the tapered edge the bristles around the tip of the brush will do all of the work for you! This brush is also great for applying shadow to the lower lash line to add a super smoky effect. This is also brilliant to blend out liner on the top lash line. This brush retails for £12 in Boots and $15.99 in Ulta.

202 Angled Liner Brush.


This brush is great to apply liner with as it is super thin so you can get a really detailed sharp line. Personally I love this brush to apply my Benefit Brow Zings as it is really easy to draw in brow hairs and make them look really natural. This brush is also great to apply a powder liner for a softer look. This brush retails for £10 in Boots and $15.99 in Ulta.


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