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As mentioned before I would repurchase from Gerard Cosmetics and I have already! They have changed their packaging also and it is stunning! Something else I noticed that is new is that the lipsticks now have a slight smell a nice one though sort of like sweeties. What pushed me to order again is the gorgeous new Hydra Matte lipsticks, specifically the shade Serenity which was created by MannyMua who I follow on social media, Manny has made a huge statement with this collaboration and I think it is brilliant he has teamed up with Gerard Cosmetics!

I’ll start with the two new lipsticks in the shades Rodeo Drive and Vintage Rose. They are both pink/nude shades but vintage rose is much lighter pink mauve shade and Rodeo Drive is a darker your lips but better shade and the name reminds me of my favourite movie ever Pretty Woman. Incase you haven’t noticed by now I love your lips but better lipsticks! I love the consistency of Gerard Cosmetics lipsticks as they stay on for such a long time without drying out the lips.


Vintage Rose


Vintage Rose


Rodeo Drive


Rodeo Drive

Now for the star of the show Serenity, this is a gorgeous nude shade that is another your lips but better shade on me but this shade would look gorgeous  on all skin tones. Now once this lipstick is on and dry it isn’t going anywhere! I had this lipstick on yesterday and it lasted through numerous cups of coffee, dinner and the cinema it was still going strong by the time I got home!



Gerard Cosmetics have brilliant lipsticks and there is a shade for everyone, they have great value for money and ship internationally. As mentioned in my last post their customer service is brilliant and they really look after their customers. They frequently have coupon codes on which can be found on their Instagram account so I would recommend checking that out before you buy anything!


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