Tarte Maracuja creaseless concealer.

This is another buy from Sephora, as my Mac Pro Longwear is running out again I thought I would try something different as I have been using the Mac one for so long and so far I love this one.


This is an extremely thick pigmented concealer so a little goes a very long way meaning this 8g tube will last a long time. On first use I found it was a bit too thick for everyday wear and I would prefer is it was slightly less thick so I mixed it in with some moisturiser to dilute it a little and it was the perfect consistency for a natural day time look. I would use the concealer without moisturiser for night time or more dramatic looks.

I find I don’t need to use a corrector with this concealer as it covers up the discolouration perfectly. I find the best way to blend this product in is to just tap with your fingers as the warmth of your fingers allows it to blend more seamlessly than with a brush or damp sponge.


This concealer is brilliant if you are looking for something long lasting and full coverage I would 100% recommend this if that is what you are looking for.


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