My M.A.C Lipstick Collection


So I decided to show you my collection of M.AC lipsticks there’s twelve that I use on a regular basis so these are the ones I have decided to share. This post will be pretty long as there is a lot to talk about! I have also swatched each lipstick on my lips so you can see what they all look like on but my lips were definitely not thanking me for this today so I have now slathered on some Charlotte Tilbury Lip Magic as they are very sore!

Faux (Satin)

2015-12-20 19.38.52 (1)

This is the lightest shade in my collection, I wouldn’t go much lighter than this with a lipstick as I feel any lipsticks that are lighter than this make me look ill! So I tend to stick to darker nudes. This shade is a light mauve pink shade that goes well with any look especially a dark smokey eye. This shade is slightly lighter than my natural lip colour and has a satin finish which is my favourite finish for M.A.C lipsticks as I find this lasts the longest on my lips without being drying.

Twig (Satin)2015-12-20 19.39.51

Twig is slightly darker than Faux and has more of a brown undertone and is a exact match to M.A.C Soar lip liner so you can easily get that Kylie Jenner pout! This has been my go to colour recently as it is perfect for natural looks and dramatic looks. It is also the perfect ‘your lips but better’ shade. This one also has a satin finish so another reason for it to be my favourite shade right now.

Yield to Love (Cremesheen) Limited Edition

2015-12-20 19.40.32 (1)

This shade was part of the A Novel Romance collection last fall and I seem to have forgotten about this shade for a while after my last review of this  but I rediscovered this shade in summer and it was perfect for everyday wear with the cool rose shade and the cremesheen finish didn’t dry out my lips.

Captive (Satin)

2015-12-20 19.41.15

Yet another satin finish no surprises there! This shade is perfect in between of a nude and a dramatic dark shade. It is a pink plum shade, it is similar to if you mixed M.A.C Rebel with a nude pink shade. I love wearing this with a more natural make up look as it can vamp up a look very quickly so it’s perfect if you are running late and still want to look like you have made an effort with your make up. It also goes perfect with a classic grey smokey eye for a mega glam look.

Crosswires (Cremesheen)

2015-12-20 19.41.53

Crosswires is the perfect shade for summer it has a gorgeous pink orange colour so is perfect for brightening up your look for summer. It is still quite a natural colour and is not too strong especially with the cremesheen finish which also makes it wear off nicely without it being obvious where the lipstick has came off if you have been eating or drinking.

Lickable (Cremesheen)

2015-12-20 19.42.36

This is a gorgeous bright Barbie pink shade which is not a colour I would usually reach for but it is perfect for summer. I also love the blue undertone which makes your teeth appear whiter compared to lipsticks with a orange undertone. I love wearing this with a simple look for summer because if we get any sort of heat in Scotland which is quite rare I don’t like to wear heavy makeup but this just adds some colour to a look.

All Fired Up (Retro Matte)

2015-12-20 19.43.18

This shade is very pink! I love wearing this shade when I’m feeling more adventurous with my make up as pink is definitely the shade I reach for least I tend to wear nude shades or dark reds but this is perfect for days when I feel like coming out of my comfort zone. I feel with the retro matte finishes I need to prep my lips more than usual as I feel the lipstick can become slightly drying on the lips after a while but it definitely does last very long on the lips.

Viva Glam Riri (Frost)

2015-12-20 19.43.47

This lipstick is such a stunning red, because of the frost finish it leaves a almost glossy shimmer finish which has a almost moisturising effect on the lips which is perfect for the cold winter months when your lips need a little more TLC. I would definitely recommend using a lip liner with this lipstick and any other darker shades as it makes the lip line much more defined. This shade is a more orange red then blue but I would definitely still wear this one as it not so orange that it makes your teeth look yellow.

Riri Woo (Retro Matte)

2015-12-20 19.44.15

I have previously reviewed this product so you will find that further down on my page, thankfully I bought a few of these when they came out as I love this shade so much. Unfortunately this shade is no longer available but Ruby Woo is a close alternative.

Heaux (Retro Matte)

2015-12-20 19.44.53

This was another shade in the Rihanna collection which I picked up a couple of too as this is my go to shade over the colder months. The retro matte finish can become drying so I always make sure to prep the lips properly before applying this shade although it does last a long time on the lips almost like a stain. This shade is so stunning for over the festive period as it is not your typical red like Riri Woo it is a much deeper red which looks stunning on most skin tones.

D for Danger (Matte)

2015-12-20 19.45.22

D for Danger is my most recent addition to my lipstick collection and it is quickly becoming one of my favourites especially for this time of year as it is a very festive colour with the dark red shade. I love this shade with a classic black liner for a pin up inspired look and this shade can instantly glam up any look so is perfect for any Christmas/ New Year nights out if you are going for a classic glam look.

Rebel (Satin)

2015-12-20 19.45.49

This was the first lipstick I ever bought from M.A.C which might be a surprise to most of you as you know how much I love my nudes! This shade is very far away from a nude! This is a bright purple pink shade and I love it when I am feeling like a bit of a Rebel (pun fully intended!) This shade is perfect for days when you feel like changing up your look or going for more of a vampy look I love this shade when I feel like channelling my inner rock chic with a smokey eye or some winged liner to top off the look (or both of course!)

This is my favourite M.A.C lipsticks I hope you enjoyed and this can maybe help you decide what shades you may like to try.

Let me know what you guys would like to see next I could do some more step by step looks or do a comparison review for the Beauty Blender and cleanser against the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge and the cleanser.








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