GHD V Marine Allure Straighteners


Again this sis a slightly different post for me but I had to let you all know about how much of a difference these straighteners have made to my hair!

2016-05-14 14.56.38 2016-05-14 14.54.13

Previously to purchasing these straighteners I used SHE straighteners as they are meant to be very similar to GHD’s. Having previously owned GHD’s I did notice the quality of the straighteners weren’t quite the same as my previous GHD’s.

I had issues with the SHE straighteners as I found I had to put a lot of pressure on the straighteners and go over the same section of hair multiple times to straighten my hair which would usually end in me getting some pain in my hand even after I had my hair cut short. I decided I would treat myself to a new set of GHD’s this month and the difference is insane! My hair looks so much healthier and sleeker than before. I also find my hair stays straight all day and I can also create a gorgeous wavy look with these straighteners as they have curved edges.

I decided to go for the newer Allure collection straighteners as I always pick coloured straighteners just because they look nice. I went for the blue/purple metallic shade with the Gold V straightener. I was tempted to try out the new platinum styler but they were a little more expensive and honestly the styler I have purchased works perfectly for me.

Another thing I love about these straighteners is that they have an automatic shut off after 30 minutes which personally I love as I always have to triple check that I have turned them off before I leave the house and still have a panic in case I haven’t when I am on my way to work! So if you are anything like me you will love this feature!

2016-05-28 20.19.46

This set also comes with a matching heat resistant clutch which is great for travelling and a protective plate guard to avoid any damage to the straighteners. Also on the plates themselves there is a slight metallic almost glitter effect that matches the straighteners which adds something extra to the straighteners.

I have attached pictures below of my hair after a full day of being straightened and also my hair curled with the straighteners.

If you have any ideas for what I should post let me know in the comments!


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