Raising Awareness – Fake Makeup

Hello all, it’s been so long since I put up a post I am so sorry but I should hopefully be able to post more frequently now as I have just got a new laptop my last one was pretty slow so put me off posting so often.

Image credit Daily Mail

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Anyway on to the important stuff, recently I have came across so much advertising on sites such as Facebook for pages selling fake or ‘replica’ makeup. Now ‘replica’ makeup is basically makeup where the packaging is pretty similar if not exactly the same as the real makeup but the product inside is fake. Most replicas will be for the big expensive brands such as Kylie Cosmetics, MAC, Anastasia Beverly Hills and so on, as there has been a rise in popularity of these brands people have seen the opportunity to make fake products for those who cannot afford the real thing or are looking for a bargain.

As the popularity of these brands grow so has the amount of fakes being produced. I have experienced fake makeup myself when a friend who knows how much I love makeup had bought me a makeup set from a Facebook page now the person who bought it doesn’t wear makeup and didn’t know much about it or how much makeup from this brand would usually cost so there was no cause for concern at how much cheaper it was than on the companies website. I knew straight away it was fake, there was a brush set in the bag with one of the spongey eyeshadow brushes that this company doesn’t make. I still had a look through the products that were in the little set the first thing I looked at was the liquid eyeliner which as soon as I opened it smelled of bleach!! This could have been extremely dangerous especially putting it so close to my eyes and could have damaged my sight had I put it on. The rest of the makeup was very similar smelled of chemicals and as someone who uses that brand the packing was quite obviously fake to myself.

I believe this is something that needs to be shared there are more and more stories coming out about people who have seriously damaged their skin with fake products such as 3rd degree burns, lips and eyes being stuck together and the list goes on! I think personally the main cause of this is many people do not know they are buying a fake and think it is just a good bargain. The best thing to do when purchasing makeup is to buy the makeup from their website or a well known makeup store (Debenhams, House of Fraser, Sephora, Boots etc) this will mean it is extremely unlikely to get a fake product. Also look out for differences in packaging to the original there’s usually a slightly different font or colour to the original.

It has also become harder to see if something is fake as now the packaging looks so similar to the original. Something else that is good to know about fakes is the products are not approved for sale like normal products would need to be so there is no way to tell what is in them or if they are safe to use on skin and often contain ingredients that are not banned from use in makeup. It is also known a lot of these products have been tested on animals illegally. The products are usually made in a unsanitary environment with profits funding drugs, trafficking and terrorism.

Usually with a very low price for these items seems to be too good it usually is. I am not saying that every item of fake makeup out there will cause serious harm but is that a risk you would really want to take to save some money when cheaper branded makeup is just as good as some of the higher end brands?




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