This is my blog on make-up that I love. This site is to help in guiding people on any make-up products you may want to try and my opinion on them, different ways I would apply them and what kind of skin they would suit. This site is all based on my opinion so something that I feel looks good on my skin may look totally different on another skin.

I have a strong passion for make-up but I feel that the best make-up anyone can wear is a smile. I am a 20 year old from Perth, Scotland and my name is Stephanie but everyone calls me Steph, I have had a passion for make-up since I was very young I used to get my lipgloss taken off of me in Primary school but that didn’t stop me from growing to love make-up even more everyday.

Throughout 2018 I will be posting every Wednesday and Saturday, I hope you all enjoy and if there is anything you would like me to review or give advice on the please post in the comments section.

I have also bought all of these products with my own money or they have been gifts from birthdays/christmas nothing has been sent to me unless I have said otherwise in the post.



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